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What is Print-On-Demand?

BoardGamesNow! is the real-time print-on-demand (POD) service offered by Blue Panther LLC for all the titles on this site.  We make all the parts of the game or accessory you are buying in the USA (with the exception of some plastic dice).   You order it, pay for it, we make it and ship it to you.   Fast, inexpensive, high quality games from your screen to your door in days.  

Publishers have their own stores on BoardGamesNow.  For example, all Blue Panther LLC products are available here.  Certain products are also offered as Print-N-Play for immediate download after you order them.

How do we do POD?

Most game companies invest in the game design and leave the manufacturing to other sources.     These manufacturers need several thousand copies of a game to be made at the same time in order to make money.   So game companies have most of their money invested up front in inventory.   This method works well when a game sells out,  not so well when sales are lower.   It's hit or miss. It can result in large amounts of unsold inventory, customs and shipping delays for key dates.  In other words, it's one of the reasons why game companies can go out of business.

Board Games Now! invests in the gamemaking process  We have invested in quality, flexible equipment that allows us to work with almost all the common materials used in making modern board games.   We keep a small amount of all these materials on hand to make games when they are ordered.       It's called "lean thinking",  the same approach that companies like Toyota use when making a car or truck.     Standard box sizes and component templates allow great flexibility at the lowest cost.   All of our work is done in-house in the USA, using local materials .  We will occasionally outsource items we cannot obtain from US suppliers (plastic dice, wooden cubes).

Our equipment includes a laser cutter/engraver, high-end laser printer, a custom printer designed to print directly on wood and other substrates, various dies and presses for chipboard components and other supporting equipment.  

Instead of putting all our resources into one game at a time, our investment in the process means we can make your game quickly, with quality at a surprisingly reasonable price.

That's how our dice roll.
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